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About Us

Sitebase was started in 2008 by Wim Mostmans. Wim has a bachelor degree in Electronics ICT. After graduating in 2007 he immediately started working as a front-end / back-end PHP developer in a company specialized in automation for the catering industry. Also he started Sitebase as a secondary profession. After 2 years he decided to completely focus on his passion. That is why, since 2010, Wim puts all his energy in Sitebase, and with success: customers such as Envato don’t just come along, you have to earn them!

A whole range of possibilities

You can contact Sitebase to have a website or web application created. Besides that you can also count on Sitebase for search engine optimization and hosting. That way you don’t have to contact several companies. Sitebase arranges everything for you that is needed to have your website working as it should. Underneath the section ‘Services’ you will find more information about what we do exactly.

You decide, we develop

When we create a website we always follow the same method. You will play an important role in it and you will follow from nearby every step in the development process. That way you can ask for changes and have the design adjusted at any time. It is important for us that you are aware of every step we take during the entire development phase and that you agree with each step. It is the best way to create a product that corresponds 100% to your wishes.