For the last few weeks I was having the problem that my iPhone wasn’t charging anymore when I connected it to my USB power cord. When I flipped the connector around it worked, most of the time. But after a few days even this was to no avail.

iPhone toothpick

At the same time my colleague Pieter had also problems with charging his iPhone, though in another form. When his iPhone was plugged in it started charging and immediately lost connection again, and then connected again resulting in a never ending loop of these ping sounds you get when you plug in your iPhone.

So intrigued by what this problem could be I look with a small light inside the connector of my iPhone and surprisingly enough there was this giant blob of dust inside the connector which was probably causing this connection problem.

I turned of my iPhone, took a toothpick and started picking the dust out of the connector.

After 5 minutes of removing dust I tried the connector again and all problems were solved. I did the same thing with Pieter’s iPhone and also his charging problems were solved by this quick and easy clean.

So please do check your connector and try to clean it out before getting ripped off at one of these iPhone repair shops that will say your connector is broken and charge you $50 for a replace.

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