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Privacy is becoming one of the most discussed topics especially with the GDPR looking around the corner this year.

During my work I’m doing at Ambassify around setting up a framework for handling information security and privacy I stumbled upon an interesting privacy issue.

Your OS stores a list of previously connected WiFi hotspots on your computer for convinience so you can auto reconnect when you visit the same location a second time. The problem with this is that each WiFi hotspot name, also called the SSID, is potentially unique.

These semi unique SSIDs in combination with a wardrive database like Wiggle would make it possible for us to query each SSID in the computers hotspot history and plot the resulting coordinates on a map to get an idea which locations a certain user has visited.

Proof of Concept

The following proof of concept is for Mac but I’m sure the same thing will be possible on other OS’es

# get list of previously connected hotspots
ap=$(defaults read /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/com.apple.airport.preferences | grep SSIDString | sed -E 's/SSIDString = ?(.*);/\1/' | xargs -n1 | sort -u)
echo $ap

for name in $ap; do

    # fetch hotspot info from Wigle API
    result=$(curl -s -H 'Accept:application/json' -u [credentials] --basic "https://api.wigle.net/api/v2/network/search?ssid="$name)

    # extract coordinates
    long=$(echo $result | python -c "import sys, json; print json.load(sys.stdin)['results'][0]['trilong']")
    lat=$(echo $result | python -c "import sys, json; print json.load(sys.stdin)['results'][0]['trilat']")
    echo "[$lat, $long, '$name'],"

When you drop the output that this script generates into this Google Maps example you get a visual map of potential locations I, or atleast my laptop, have been.

Example wifi hotspot location plot

Note that this map above was only generated from a subset of my total history. My complete history contained more than 350 access points.


The point that I want to make with this PoC is: lookout what data you share. It’s not because certain data is not senitive at this moment that it can’t be in a few years or when combined with some other datasets.

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