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The elements of computing systems book cover

I just wanted to write a short blog post about this awesome new book I’ve been reading lately. The book is called “The Elements of Computing Systems” and learns you in detail how to build your own computer system, compiler and OS.

I’m not gonna write a complete review on how awesome this book is, because there is an abundance of websites already flooded with this kind of literature if your are into that.

I’ve wanted to give a heads up for the persons that already bought the book and want to ditch the UI tools needed to run the unit tests for the projects in the book. Thanks to my project on GitHub you can now run your tests in CLI for the geeks that prefer to stay in a more familiar environment.

Running the test in CLI will look something like this.

The elements of computing systems test suite

Seems like I messed up my 4 way demultiplexer.

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