Do you ever hit that caps lock button by mistake too? This annoyed me so much that I decided to find a solution for this.

After a quick Google search I found a simple solution for this in OSX. You can disable it if you go to System Preferences > Keyboard > Modify Keys.... Now you can set caps lock to No Action.

If you want to start to do some experimenting with your Phillips Hue lights chances are that you’ll need to use the Hue API sooner or later. To use this API you will need to get a token but at the moment there is no official way to do this.

You can do it as follows:

  • Get your bridge IP via
  • Go to the API debugger http://<bridge ip address>/debug/clip.html and use message body {"devicetype":"my_hue_app#hue app"}.
  • Press the button on your bridge and now push the POST button on the debugger.
  • You should see a response like:

[ { "success": { "username": "7fbb0cd252f3787c2b81892b03d8a9" } } ]

  • username is the token you can use to control your lights.

Example usage

curl -X PUT --data '{"bri":42}' http://<bridge ip address>/api/<username>/lights/1/state